Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от vsemsim.ru
Antonio Gurei

«I’ve been working with the Jam Agency for almost one year. I used to manage Google Ads by myself before we started. My company manufactures glass products for showers, bathrooms and saunas. We also produce mirrors and glass doors. There are loads of categories and our products are available in several countries: Estonia, Finland and Sweden. At some point I realized I didn't have time to manage Google Ads campaigns properly, but finding professionals who would go deep into specifics of each country and our products seemed like an impossible and prohibitively expensive task. Around that time I saw a case study from Jam and thought that they could be the people that I was looking for, because of their methodical approach.

We talked on Monday and by the end of a week I had received detailed research of my Google Ads campaigns. They deeply analyzed all categories between countries then showed how to make more profit and proved their hypotheses by providing examples and calculations. I was surprised at how detailed their study was. In addition, they suggested conducting an A/B-test in order to better understand how their actions would affect my business. Overall, I made a decision to work with them for 2-3 months.

After two months I recognised that our partnership had paid off. New campaigns gained more profit than the ones that I had managed by myself before. Then we defined KPI’s and started to use auto strategies constantly adapting to the changing demand. For example, one category may work better in Estonia than in Finland or vice versa due to demand, competition, etc. If you redistribute the advertising budget between segments in time, you can get the maximum profit.

Demand slumps in summer because a large number of people in cities go on vacation. And all of them do it at the same time :) That’s why the profit declined, but colleagues did their best to minimize the sag. In the fall we reached the highest net profit in our experience with Google Ads!

As a result, the average monthly profit increased by about 3 times, the ROI increased by about 2 times. To my mind, we have reached it due to the strategy and systematic actions by Jam team.»

Antonio Gurei, project manager klaasistuudio.ee

Отзыв от Deckenprof
Dmitry Firsov

«The specifics of our business is that there is one constant - the allowable transaction price, and many variables - the number of measurers and installers, the required number of visits per measurer, the distribution of applications by city (departure zone) and other aspects of the business that change depending on seasonality and market conditions. In this regard, it is not enough for us to simply keep the value of the transaction at a certain level, we also need to ensure the optimal loading of the sales department, and certainly grow. We were looking for an agency with maximum involvement in the company's processes, so that it could instantly respond to changes in our needs. We cut off the majority of contractors at the selection stage precisely on this basis - there was a feeling of work flow, inconsistency with promises and reality, lack of an individual approach to the project, or simply disorganization.

In Jam.Agency, we found a partner who immersed himself in all the nuances of the business, ensured smooth communication and synchronized with us not only for long-term, but also for short-term goals. For several years, we had weekly calls to update KPIs, update promotions in advertisements, discuss hypotheses and tests. And we always received prompt implementation of tasks in the work. At the same time, on the part of the agency, the specialist responsible for advertising changed twice, but thanks to streamlined processes, this happened smoothly and without loss of quality. Of course, the level of competence in contextual advertising and the ability to fulfill KPIs were no less important factors.

Over the 3 years of cooperation, we literally went a little beyond the allowable value of the contract a couple of times, and then once during the pandemic and lockdown in the spring of 2020. Despite the fact that the demand for stretch ceilings and the conversion from lead to deal change from month to month, we have always been able to adjust the cost of a lead in such a way as to keep KPI. And this would also be impossible without deep immersion in the project and regular monitoring of indicators.

So I can recommend Jam.Agency as an agency that really deeply integrates into the client's business, understands the tasks and takes responsibility for their implementation. For us, the Jam.Agency team has become not just an outsourcer, but a strategic partner that can be trusted with everything.»

Dmitry Firsov, company development director of Deckenprof

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от rb-med.ru
Аркадий Садреев

«I assembled the first campaigns myself. Then I tried a couple of times to outsource it to freelancers, but they always either disappeared or did not want to dig deep into the specifics of our market. That is why I decided to try Jam Agency. I liked their portfolio and approach. We did an audit, where we picked apart advertising campaigns and came up with sensible suggestions.

We started by running a comparison test between my ad campaigns and Jam's new ones. The outcome was that the new campaigns brought twice (!) as many leads at the same cost. At one point, our sales department could not cope with the increased demand, but we quickly fixed that. One of key points about contextual advertising is that it needs to be managed.

In the year and a half that we have been working together, we have launched all the main business lines and advertising tools. We have a monthly group call to discuss the results and plan how to best allocate the budget considering the warehouse stocks. It saves a lot of time that a dedicated specialist has been working on our project for a long time and knows all the details in and out. We close several deals every month, leads flow steadily. I can vouch for Jam team! »

Arkadiy Sadreev, CSO rbmedservice.com

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от vsemsim.ru
Дмитрий Окованцев

«We began working with the agency, oddly enough, with an online chat on the website, where we received a detailed consultation on integrating Google Analytics with our CRM-system. We had many counters, sites, tag managers, and a self-written CRM system, and the colleagues from the agency helped us develop a system solution that takes into account our specifics. Now all the data is collected in Google Analytics, and the final reports we see in Data Studio, these tools are free.

Since the start, the agency analyst helped us set up call tracking, set up an e-commerce module to track sales from the website, and synchronize all costs in one analytics system. After the analytics were set up correctly, work began on launching advertising campaigns.

The peculiarity of our project is a low average bill. We did not calculate the economics of the project to our advantage when launching ads, so the investment did not pay off. Colleagues from the agency discussed this issue with us and we found out that the marginal cost of the bid should not exceed 300 rubles.

Given the competition in the auction, with such target conversion values, the bid per click should not exceed 5 rubles. For our target phrases in the search campaigns such a rate gives limited coverage, so the guys suggested testing two hypotheses:
Allocate the budget in Yandex from search campaigns to advertising campaigns in the RNS. The networks have lower rates and so we can fit into the economics of the project. Run impressions for a wider range of requests in Google, because the requests of the format "fare + operator" can receive cheaper traffic.

It was a successful decision. The number of conversions relative to the beginning of the work has increased by 136%, and the advertising budget by only 10%. At present networks attract 70-80% of all conversions from Yandex, and displays by broad queries in Google have attracted twice as much targeting action than displays only by target phrases.

In addition, experts have analyzed our site and made sensible recommendations to improve its effectiveness. Thus, we had an opportunity to buy a product in one click, the correct element layout in the mobile version, and several other adjustments. This had an impact on the fact that the conversion from advertising has increased by 94% compared to the period before the adjustments.

Now all of our campaigns are divided by demand segments, and in the reports the guys analyze the effectiveness of each segment separately. This helps us clearly see the overall picture for each segment and distribute the budget for each format of campaigns and demand categories.

During the cooperation, we are gradually testing the work with different categories of users. We attract new audiences, work with those who have already been to our site, and interact with the client base. Some hypotheses have worked, some have not brought the expected result, but now we are confident that only the most cost-effective formats of advertising campaigns work for us.

After some time, we launched several more projects with the agency, thanking Dmitry Kotendzhi and Vyacheslav Ignatyev, with whom we work on projects to this day. »

Dmitry Okovantsev, Head of Sales vsemsim.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от businessoutdoor.ru
Андрей Перевозников

«I was advertising myself, but the volume began to grow, and I did not have enough time to understand the nuances, so I decided to delegate. In general, everything was working steadily, I thought that by delegating, in addition to doing all the advertising tasks, I would also be able to increase the number of leads. As a result, I managed to increase the number of leads by 20% while reducing the cost per lead, although not all the tests showed their effectiveness immediately. During the crisis I had to cut costs, there were fewer clients, so I decided to put the cooperation on pause. I came back in 2021 in February, when the demand in the market had fallen almost 2 times, but due to the testing of new hypotheses it was possible to compensate the level of leads before the pandemic. We restarted the networks, tried near-target demand segments, coordinated prices for leads and clicks, tested the banner on search, and so on. The share of quality leads has increased notably, we have done a lead markup in ROIStat, after what Denis analyzed the data for the last months, highlighted the traffic segments which were bringing quality leads and raised the rates for them. There are even more quality leads than before, so now we get ≈2 times more deals per month. »

Andrei Perevoznikov, Director businessoutdoor.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от reava.ru
Васильева Анастасия

«We have been working with Jam Agency for almost a year, initially I was advised by an acquaintance of mine. At that time I had just launched an online store and the only advertising I tested was social media. Before the launch we had agreed on the maximum cost of the order, but in the first month the actual cost was almost ten times higher! I could not avoid mentioning this point, because at that time I thought that it looked like nothing was going to work out with this agency, but Denis and Kirill were not confused and explained to me what was going on, prepared a document in a language that I understood and offered to launch new advertising campaigns. After the launch of smart banners, Yandex market and new keywords in the search, we got instant results, reduced the cost of the order to 450 rubles and worked at zero, and the next month advertising was already bringing profit, the cost of the order was 200 rubles. - This is what you need! I would like to mention the persistence and approach of the guys, because not everything worked right away, but they did a bunch of tests in a short time! And also did not leave my questions unanswered, especially in the beginning when it was important.»

Anastasia Vasilyeva, director reava.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от Anodperila.ru
Дмитрий Бородин

«I launched the campaigns myself, but encountered the fact that I could not increase the number of leads. I received a proposal with a media plan, where colleagues pointed out the requests that were now running, which more could be launched, and how many leads they could get. I liked this approach, as it was predictable. Before the launch we faced another problem, on the website was working calculator, which brought about 60% of all requests, but it could not be integrated with the analytics of Roystat, so the data on the leads were incomplete. And the colleagues from the agency refused to work on the project without the end-to-end analytics, I contacted them several times during the year, and only in 2021 resolved this issue. Sergei set up the reports through Roystat in a couple of hours, and we began launching new campaigns. In a few months the number of leads increased by half and the cost per lead decreased by a third. Directologists test new hypotheses every month, we plan to increase the number of leads by another 2 times. Now I understand why you did not want to work without end-to-end analytics, because without complete data it would be difficult for specialists to conduct optimization, and the results are visible! »

Dmitry Borodin, owner anodperila.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от cloud-office.ru
Анатолий Бовсуновский

«I contacted Jam because we had worked with them on another project before. I liked their approach: they always gave me a stable feedback and if something urgent needed to be done, they found time and, most importantly, they dive deep into project details because the niche is specific, they do not need to explain it. The new company I joined had no contextual advertising, no analytics, so we started everything from scratch. In addition to advertising campaigns my colleagues solved the problems related to the integration of AmoCRM and ROIStat, connected call-tracking and email-tracking. We also had some questions about spam and clicks, and Sergey, the project analyst, helped us with that too! The integration has been working steadily for a year, we have recently moved to a new website and our colleagues have also connected it to ROIStat. I have worked with Denis, Kirill and Sergey on all the projects and they have proven to be reliable.»

Anatoly Bovsunovsky, CTO cloud-office.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от Kinash.ru
Алексей Кинаш

«We already had advertising set up, we were working with another agency. Everything somehow worked, but we didn't fully understand what exactly was influencing the revenue. The income did not change, the expenses increased. 1jam helped us sort out our advertising campaigns and launched new ones. As a result, within a few months, expenses were up to 30% less with the same revenue. Now every 100 thousand budget brings in up to 1.3 million in revenue, and we are confident that there is room to grow. We do not waste our time on controlling and reporting, we get quick feedback. We are satisfied with the process and the result.»

Alexei Kinash, founder kinash.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от gunsparts.ru
Артур Хафизов

«For a long time I managed advertising accounts on my own, but because of the lack of time I gave them to a freelancer to manage, and he ruined everything. The rollback to the previous settings did not help, so I decided that I should look for a more reliable and stable option, where people would work all the time. - So I contacted the agency. Within a week colleagues from the agency conducted an audit, took apart the advertising campaigns brick by brick in a huge document, and suggested a development strategy. I was persuaded by the level of detail of their proposal, I have not come across a similar audit in any agency. We began to work, one might say, from scratch, as before I had no normal end-to-end analytics and the data was not completely collected. At the start we launched a search, but it had no results, so we disconnected it without a shadow of a doubt and went for the РСЯ, where we got sales almost immediately. Denis from the agency dived deeper and deeper into the project with each iteration, it was easy to talk to him, as he understood the product matrix of the store, the margin, seasonality and other aspects of the business. I think it was because of his immersion that after a couple of months we got to DRR ≈40% and increased profits. A few months later we tried to go back to search again, because we had hit the ceiling, by that time our season began to decline and our DRR increased to ≈70%, and profit halved to ≈120k. We began to understand and look for points of growth, Denis investigated landing pages, delivery methods, prices and compared them with competitors. - The shortcomings were found. Adjusted the model of assigning conversions to channels, as a result we saw a more objective picture. And as a result of comprehensive work on the ninth month we have reached the desired level of PSAs, receiving ≈500 thousand, profit! Earlier I have never had such results on advertising. All of this is the fruit of systematic optimization and immersion, immersion and immersion into the business. Thanks to Denis and Kirill for their responsible attitude towards advertising campaigns! »

Arthur Khafizov, founder gunsparts.ru
Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от npstc.ru
Александр Шерешевский

«Before we worked with another contractor, the reason for contacting Jam Agency was the increase in costs and decrease in the number of leads, which the previous contractor did not show much attention and action. Colleagues conducted an audit, in which they predicted that through various kinds of changes in advertising campaigns can increase the number of leads by 15-30% and reduce the cost per lead by 20-40%. I had no doubt that this is possible, because in the audit revealed in detail each problem. - In the end, it worked out that way. In the process we integrated Roistat with Bitrix24, because with our budget and the specifics of the market we can't do without end-to-end analytics, as we were explained in the agency. Helped to teach managers to manage leads, so that they were correctly displayed in Roystat, now we can see all the costs and income, which is quite convenient. We have been working with the agency for a year and a half, in that time there have been ups and downs, colleagues take the initiative, conduct research, if something goes wrong, they offer solutions. - It is not necessary to ask them, which is important, because I have a lot of other things to do and there is no possibility to control 24/7 what the specialists do. »

Alexander Shereshevsky, executive npstc.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от onprint.ru

«The audit from the agency was the most detailed and offered a solution to our main problems, or more precisely, we could not reconcile the costs and revenues from contextual advertising.
. The first month we worked entirely on end-to-end analytics, integrating 1C, Bitrix24 and ROIStat, and therefore a few more months of reconciliation with sales. I want to note that the Agency specialists, namely Kirill, solved the analytics problem systematically, not point by point, that is, they tried to understand the business needs, not just converge the data.
. When we first got the realistic data it did not coincide with our idea of contextual advertising efficiency, unfortunately it was lower and the main flow of leads was provided by other channels. During 6 months the average cost of conversion has not decreased significantly - from 1500 to 1300 rubles, but the amount has increased by 60%. We are satisfied with the quality of work, we recommend it!»

Valeria Mamyrina, marketer onprint.ru

Отзыв Odevaika.ru

«Before working with the 1jam team, we launched Yandex Direct, but were forced to disable it because the cost of the order exceeded the allowable. As a result of the audit, it was explained to us that this was due to the growth of competition in the market, and, as a result, the increase in the cost of clicks. And since our campaigns were practically not managed, our cost per click also began to grow following the market. The situation was complicated by the lack of data on sales revenue, that is, we saw only general figures. 
 2-3 weeks after the launch, we already began to receive orders at the best price. Almost at the very beginning of our work, we completely updated the site, and in parallel with 1jam, we set up sending revenue orders and other indicators to Google Analytics. Now monthly advertising costs are steadily recouping 4-5 times, but we are not ready to share the exact figures. 
We like that all questions are answered on time, we can set tasks in Asana ourselves, we don't waste time on Skype conferences and calls. We are ready to recommend you as reliable partners. We wish you success in your work!»

Olga Valeryevna Shchedrova, owner odevaika.ru

Отзыв об Агентстве контекстной рекламы от grunt-market.ru

«We started working with 1jam.ru in February 2019 before the high season started. We already had advertising set up and were planning to increase the budget, but wanted to reduce the cost of the bid and start managing it. By now the cost of the lead has decreased from 1100 rubles to 700-800 and we steadily get 150-170 appeals per month. We like the fact that we do not have to think for them, we just set the task and the guys make decisions themselves. The process is transparent to both parties, and we see the result in general online reports. We are satisfied with the result. We recommend cooperation! »

Dmitry, marketer grunt-market.ru

Отзыв Иван-поле

«At the time we contacted 1jam, we already had Yandex Direct and Google Adwords running, but the results and the very process of working with the previous contractor were not transparent. Colleagues from the agency collated data on ROI and suggested adjusting the coverage by product category, demographic attributes and display areas, which reduced the cost of the order from 4,000 rubles to acceptable values. One of the most effective solutions was dynamic retargeting, as we have a large loyal audience. We have been working with the agency for over a year, all offers and changes from our side are processed within a few days, the quality is constant, we plan to continue cooperation.»

Olga Lykova , маркетолог ivan-pole.ru


«We came to the Jam company on a recommendation, we had several sites, but we could not manage the flow of leads and their cost. As a result, the cost of the lead could be low in one week, and increase 5 times in another.
They explained to us how to work with several sites in one niche, set up clear reporting on the cost of applications and by the end of the 2nd month of work, we reached 200 requests per month! All tasks are completed on time. We see the involvement in our project, we recommend cooperation.»

Senchenko Darya Andreevna , Commercial Director ООО "ГлавСтройСнаб"


«At first I set up and ran advertising campaigns myself, the results were good, but I didn't have time to go into the details, so I turned to 1jam.ru to run the ads. In their audit saw just all those updates Yandex Direct and details, to which most have not reached hand. We have a very different margin for each product category, it was important to take this into account. Over several months the cost of the request has decreased from 1600 rubles to 1000-1200 rubles, and the total amount has increased by 40%.»

Vladimir Borodin, mg-race.su

Отзыв Натальи

«Colleagues, we want to tell you all that you are a cool team and very pleasant to work with. You can feel your interest, and it is evident in the speed of response and even in the little things in general. The specialists went deep into our product and helped us with the configuration of the analytics. The first results showed that the bottleneck was the website. Three variants of landing pages were tested, and the conversion rate almost doubled. The number of orders for the same amount of money increased. According to the results there is still room to grow, but we do not doubt in the success, so we will definitely continue to work.»

Natalia Belyaeva, marketer alta-group.ru

Отзыв Натальи

«I already had advertising set up when I contacted 1Jam. I was spending a lot of money and it felt like the investments were not paying off. I did not know what to do with advertising, to keep it on or turn it off. The high season for our lines of business was coming up. I needed someone to take a fresh look and suggest what to do next.

We began our work together with an audit of advertising settings. In the first month, the advertising budget was reduced, the number of hits grew slightly. In the following months, 1Jam experts set up analytics. Then it became clear where customers were coming from and what keywords brought them, we calculated the costs and revenues for each service separately. Some services turned out to be entirely unprofitable for me, so I decided not to waste time and money on them. The cost per lead decreased from 1800 rubles to 1000 rubles, and lead number in some areas grew by 20%.

I like their approach to work. They try to somehow get insight into the root cause and solve the problem, to convey information clearly. I thank you and wish you success in your work.»

Natalya Batalina, General Director, p-decision.ru

Отзыв Сергея

«We started working with the agency in April 2018, the project team suggested we launch the categories of goods in sequence over the season in step with demand growth during the summer. One of our problems is that we have several offline stores for which we could not measure return on advertising investments. To solve this problem, we implemented call tracking, set up goals on the site and manually tracked the revenue trends by categories to collect the overall data and calculate the acceptable cost per lead by category. In general, I consider the task accomplished, we continue to work, I can recommend the team.»

Vladimir Frolov, Head of Marketing, technodacha.ru

Отзыв Сергея

«Hello everyone, I wanted to thank 1jam.ru team. These people set up advertising for us without any unnecessary questions from a professional point of view! I spent a lot of time choosing a marketing consultant, conducted a survey of 20 companies and chose 1jam, and this has been the best decision as of late! The guys did a quality job setting up context advertising, increased our quest visits by about 30%. Advertising pays off, profit grows, analytics is set up, reports are on time, feedback is continuous. I highly recommend it to everyone!»

Dmitry Kusov, Director, go-quest.ru

Отзыв Сергея

«I came to 1jam.ru agency with the problem of high cost per lead and incorrect analytics, which we could not use to compare effectiveness of advertising channels with their expenses. The agency's experts developed a custom model to match conversion to channels, implemented electronic commerce, found problems in Google Analytics measurements and fixed them. What was exciting is that we got a matrix of our current and potential market reach with breakdown by car brand and spare part category, from which we drew a conclusion that we need to expand. Now we are systematically expanding the market reach and reducing the cost per lead. Contextual advertising brings a revenue of 400-600 thousand rubles per month»

Sergey Shumaev, Director, city-tuning.ru

Отзыв Олега
Олег Галицкий

«Before 1jam.ru, we worked with freelancers and other agencies, but they lacked focus or deep-dive, we often showed up on irrelevant search queries. At the start of our project with Nikolai (our technical specialist), we compiled a detailed map of search queries to show ads for, which we then used to configure ads. During optimization, we compared expenses by category with revenues, leveled the profits across products, turned off advertising for some cities. At the moment, the cost of contextual advertising does not exceed 10% of sales. We have been cooperating for almost a year and are satisfied with the quality.»

Oleg Galitsky, Director, reasystems.ru

Отзыв Евгения

«After conducting an audit of the advertising campaigns set up by our previous contractor, we found out that advertising campaigns bring in only 20000 rubles of revenue at a cost of 140000 rubles based on Last Non-Direct Click Attribution Model, which, as you can guess, is unacceptable. The audit uncovered obvious mistakes and pointed to a new strategy to launch advertising campaigns.

After six months of cooperation with Jam, we reached 3 million in revenue at a cost of half a million without taking into account the associated transactions, which bring just as much.»

Evgeny Anisatov, Marketing Expert, ayurvedamarket.ru

Благодарственное письмо

«Initially, our advertising campaigns were set up by a freelancer and at a mediocre level. We did not count calls, orders and other performance indicators, just kept up the advertising budget, it was paying for itself and we were satisfied. When we decided we needed to the number of hits, we began to look for professionals, because traffic was in chaos, and we needed to make a controllable car. We started working with 1jam.ru, because we liked their approach, specifically the attention to detail. As a result, a month later we knew how much each hit costs us and how many we can count on. It feels like we started spending less while getting twice as many hits. Now we have about 300 leads in a month, depending on the need, we vary it between 150 to 450, and the cost hovers around 300 rubles.»

Ilya Chernykh, Director, musor24.su

Благодарственное письмо
Фото клиента

«I contacted the agency with the problem of falling lead numbers and increasing cost per lead. Over a course of a month, they set up new advertising campaigns and created clear analytics, the cost dropped from an average of 800 to 300 rubles per lead, and the number of leads increased almost threefold!»

Alexander Gorokhov, Director, studiamelom.ru


«1jam.ru worked actively on contextual advertising for six months, during which 1jam.ru specialists tested several basic approaches to development of advertising campaigns and set up comprehensive analytics. As a result, we found the segments of keywords and products that make profit. I cannot share the exact products and numbers due to security reasons, but there’s nothing magical about them. In many product categories we encountered serious competition, which made us take a fresh look at our product range, prices and see a lot of mistakes in the site usability - now we are working on correcting them.
As to our cooperation, I would like to note the team's thorough and in-depth approach. For the most part everything was done accurately and on time. At the moment we took a break to modify the design and the range, but then we will return to working with them again.»

Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Director, jili-bili.ru

«We have been working Jam agency for over a year. During this time we have come from zero to reaching the whole Russia and implemented sales reporting. I would like to thank them on behalf of our entire company!
I can recommend cooperating with 1Jam for large and multi-step projects.»

Alexey Lazarev, General Director, rusbelt.ru


«We thank 1jam.ru team for the work done. They launched campaigns in a few days, gave recommendations on the site, the work on the project is well organized in the Asana system, the cost per lead went down to 140 rubles»

Stanislav Voronov, Director, gazonpro74.ru

«We have been working with Jam for a year, with Pavel, to be specific, and I can recommend this specialist: he has really high expertise. Pavel helps not only with setting up contextual advertising, but also with all the processes that relate to it. Together we have implemented non-standard solutions with the directory, YML and retargeting. I would also like to note that we are constantly improving our advertising campaign and rely on real numbers in our decisions, such as ROI and LTV. Currently we are expanding to the entire Russian market. The results are positive, thank you!»

Igor Motorin, Director, youroptibay.ru
2015-05-23 23-54-12 пример.jpg.png

«It is already the second project that I am doing with Jam team following the same scheme: first, we launch an advertising campaign for 1500 keywords, and over time we add several thousand keywords more, thus increasing the return on investment. I will not disclose exact figures, but I will say that the advertising budget for two projects is already in the hundreds of thousands, and all indicators are normal, we are getting target visitors! Thank you, the results are stable, there is still a lot of work ahead!»

Maxim Semyon, Director, Europe store chain

«After the first successful project with doors, we went into appraisal and expert evaluation, and we decided to make the website with Jam team. I wanted to do everything right from the start: promotion, contextual advertising, branding and so on, so that later we didn't have to redo anything. The development took three months, we spent a lot of time on coordination, collecting materials, but we knew we were moving in the right direction. Two months after the launch, 12 of our pages were Top 3 in Yandex and Google which cost us 250 rubles per click in Direct! Pleasant surprise! We are already working with 7 cities throughout Russia and continue to grow! Thank you, it was a profitable investment!»

Rafail Gayazovich, Head of Appraisal and Expert Evaluation, 1оценка.рф

«I made my first attempts at advertising in lpgenerator, tried to set up Yandex Direct on my own, but having spent about 8 thousand rubles for nothing, I realized that the legal services sector is very competitive and I need to look for true experts. I chose Jam because they had projects similar to mine in their portfolio, which meant they had experience in this area. Within a month, these guys made 3 landing pages, a logo and set up an advertising campaign in Direct, so to say a full package for entering the market. I am satisfied with my choice, they advise me on all issues without any problems, I plan to continue working with them.»

Vladimir Panfilov, Deputy Director, Garant LLC

«Together with Jam agency, we launched 2 advertising campaigns (context) for display advertising projects. I am pleased with the work quality level and speed. I highlight that Jam experts put real effort into identifying our target audience and tested various groups of keywords. At the moment, advertising campaigns are up and running and we get a steady stream of leads at only 200 rubles per lead! I thank you and wish you success in your work!»

Evgeny Moryakin, Manager, CPC Solution

«At the time of writing, I no longer deal with doors, but I have good recollections of our cooperation with Jam. The price was attractive, although the deadline was unexpectedly getting pushed back, but I think that was for valid reasons, because cheap, fast and good comes only from the crafty one. Most importantly, they did everything as if for themselves. In the end, they made a landing page and launched contextual advertising, tested various hypotheses for a couple of months, which brought the advertising campaign to decent results. We could see that after a couple of months, competitors began to copy our tricks with promotions and ads. I wish success to the team!»

Marat Basharov, Director, GrandDoors

«I turned to Jam on the advice of a friend who ordered contextual advertising set up from them several times. They did it in a couple of weeks, I check the web-visitor from time to time - the traffic is targeted! Ads look better than those of competitors, I wish I could attach photos here from the search to illustrate. Bear in mind, the competition in legal services is very tough, especially self-regulating organizations, new players appear and disappear every day. But we are stable! I liked that the experts speak in an understandable language and reduce everything to the main goal - the sales. Once a month they send a report in which they give constructive advice on improving the site, but unfortunately we are not always able to implement it. Among advertising campaigns, I often see various tests - which means they are doing something to find improvements. They also asked me to say what I think about analytics - it is there, they showed me the website, it looks like a metric, that shows the cost per customer, order and other figures, I don’t remember now. I realized that in my case it is not so important to closely monitor the analytics, because the advertising budgets are not so big, I know myself when I have clients and when I do not. Thanks to Jam team for the results!»

Isakin Konstantin I., Executive Director, Roskonsalt24.rf

«Before looking for a contractor, I learned about contextual advertising a bit myself so that I could speak a common language with the experts, so it was not clear to me why the cost of setup depends so much on the number of keywords. Everyone just said “the more the better.” In Jam I was talking to Alexander, who apparently is well versed in the context advertising. He quickly assessed my market sector, gave a cost range and what exactly the cost includes. The impression was marred by the fact that it took almost two months to do the landing page, but they explained the situation and made some concessions. When everything began to work, most of my ads were in 3rd position, which is considered to be the best and that was good news. Traffic, as promised, was clean. Then I measured the landing page conversion rate, it was more than 30%, the goal is set on “Find out the Price” button click. Thanks! This is already our second project with Jam agency!»

Ruslan Rimovich, Director, zhbi-ufa.rf

«When I realized we needed to go online, I looked through online stores for doors all over Russia to study the offers, and the two best ones were actually from Jam Internet agency! It took about a month to develop the landing page and launch contextual advertising. I cannot say this subject really took off, but the money pays off. Together with Jam analysts, we realized that the landing page did not have enough information to make the decision to buy. At the time of writing, we are making an online store. Considering all our experience, I think this will be the bomb. Thanks, I like the team's approach, I recommend!»

Sergey Penkin, оArtedore official dealer

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