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Отзыв Натальи

«I already had advertising set up when I contacted 1Jam. I was spending a lot of money and it felt like the investments were not paying off. I did not know what to do with advertising, to keep it on or turn it off. The high season for our lines of business was coming up. I needed someone to take a fresh look and suggest what to do next.

We began our work together with an audit of advertising settings. In the first month, the advertising budget was reduced, the number of hits grew slightly. In the following months, 1Jam experts set up analytics. Then it became clear where customers were coming from and what keywords brought them, we calculated the costs and revenues for each service separately. Some services turned out to be entirely unprofitable for me, so I decided not to waste time and money on them. The cost per lead decreased from 1800 rubles to 1000 rubles, and lead number in some areas grew by 20%.

I like their approach to work. They try to somehow get insight into the root cause and solve the problem, to convey information clearly. I thank you and wish you success in your work.»

Natalya Batalina, General Director,

Отзыв Сергея

«We started working with the agency in April 2018, the project team suggested we launch the categories of goods in sequence over the season in step with demand growth during the summer. One of our problems is that we have several offline stores for which we could not measure return on advertising investments. To solve this problem, we implemented call tracking, set up goals on the site and manually tracked the revenue trends by categories to collect the overall data and calculate the acceptable cost per lead by category. In general, I consider the task accomplished, we continue to work, I can recommend the team.»

Vladimir Frolov, Head of Marketing,

Отзыв Сергея

«Hello everyone, I wanted to thank team. These people set up advertising for us without any unnecessary questions from a professional point of view! I spent a lot of time choosing a marketing consultant, conducted a survey of 20 companies and chose 1jam, and this has been the best decision as of late! The guys did a quality job setting up context advertising, increased our quest visits by about 30%. Advertising pays off, profit grows, analytics is set up, reports are on time, feedback is continuous. I highly recommend it to everyone!»

Dmitry Kusov, Director,

Отзыв Сергея

«I came to agency with the problem of high cost per lead and incorrect analytics, which we could not use to compare effectiveness of advertising channels with their expenses. The agency's experts developed a custom model to match conversion to channels, implemented electronic commerce, found problems in Google Analytics measurements and fixed them. What was exciting is that we got a matrix of our current and potential market reach with breakdown by car brand and spare part category, from which we drew a conclusion that we need to expand. Now we are systematically expanding the market reach and reducing the cost per lead. Contextual advertising brings a revenue of 400-600 thousand rubles per month»

Sergey Shumaev, Director,

Отзыв Олега
Олег Галицкий

«Before, we worked with freelancers and other agencies, but they lacked focus or deep-dive, we often showed up on irrelevant search queries. At the start of our project with Nikolai (our technical specialist), we compiled a detailed map of search queries to show ads for, which we then used to configure ads. During optimization, we compared expenses by category with revenues, leveled the profits across products, turned off advertising for some cities. At the moment, the cost of contextual advertising does not exceed 10% of sales. We have been cooperating for almost a year and are satisfied with the quality.»

Oleg Galitsky, Director,

Отзыв Евгения

«After conducting an audit of the advertising campaigns set up by our previous contractor, we found out that advertising campaigns bring in only 20000 rubles of revenue at a cost of 140000 rubles based on Last Non-Direct Click Attribution Model, which, as you can guess, is unacceptable. The audit uncovered obvious mistakes and pointed to a new strategy to launch advertising campaigns.

After six months of cooperation with Jam, we reached 3 million in revenue at a cost of half a million without taking into account the associated transactions, which bring just as much.»

Evgeny Anisatov, Marketing Expert,

Благодарственное письмо

«Initially, our advertising campaigns were set up by a freelancer and at a mediocre level. We did not count calls, orders and other performance indicators, just kept up the advertising budget, it was paying for itself and we were satisfied. When we decided we needed to the number of hits, we began to look for professionals, because traffic was in chaos, and we needed to make a controllable car. We started working with, because we liked their approach, specifically the attention to detail. As a result, a month later we knew how much each hit costs us and how many we can count on. It feels like we started spending less while getting twice as many hits. Now we have about 300 leads in a month, depending on the need, we vary it between 150 to 450, and the cost hovers around 300 rubles.»

Ilya Chernykh, Director,

Благодарственное письмо
Фото клиента

«I contacted the agency with the problem of falling lead numbers and increasing cost per lead. Over a course of a month, they set up new advertising campaigns and created clear analytics, the cost dropped from an average of 800 to 300 rubles per lead, and the number of leads increased almost threefold!»

Alexander Gorokhov, Director,


« worked actively on contextual advertising for six months, during which specialists tested several basic approaches to development of advertising campaigns and set up comprehensive analytics. As a result, we found the segments of keywords and products that make profit. I cannot share the exact products and numbers due to security reasons, but there’s nothing magical about them. In many product categories we encountered serious competition, which made us take a fresh look at our product range, prices and see a lot of mistakes in the site usability - now we are working on correcting them.
As to our cooperation, I would like to note the team's thorough and in-depth approach. For the most part everything was done accurately and on time. At the moment we took a break to modify the design and the range, but then we will return to working with them again.»

Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Director,

«We have been working Jam agency for over a year. During this time we have come from zero to reaching the whole Russia and implemented sales reporting. I would like to thank them on behalf of our entire company!
I can recommend cooperating with 1Jam for large and multi-step projects.»

Alexey Lazarev, General Director,


«We thank team for the work done. They launched campaigns in a few days, gave recommendations on the site, the work on the project is well organized in the Asana system, the cost per lead went down to 140 rubles»

Stanislav Voronov, Director,

«We have been working with Jam for a year, with Pavel, to be specific, and I can recommend this specialist: he has really high expertise. Pavel helps not only with setting up contextual advertising, but also with all the processes that relate to it. Together we have implemented non-standard solutions with the directory, YML and retargeting. I would also like to note that we are constantly improving our advertising campaign and rely on real numbers in our decisions, such as ROI and LTV. Currently we are expanding to the entire Russian market. The results are positive, thank you!»

Igor Motorin, Director,
2015-05-23 23-54-12 пример.jpg.png

«It is already the second project that I am doing with Jam team following the same scheme: first, we launch an advertising campaign for 1500 keywords, and over time we add several thousand keywords more, thus increasing the return on investment. I will not disclose exact figures, but I will say that the advertising budget for two projects is already in the hundreds of thousands, and all indicators are normal, we are getting target visitors! Thank you, the results are stable, there is still a lot of work ahead!»

Maxim Semyon, Director, Europe store chain

«After the first successful project with doors, we went into appraisal and expert evaluation, and we decided to make the website with Jam team. I wanted to do everything right from the start: promotion, contextual advertising, branding and so on, so that later we didn't have to redo anything. The development took three months, we spent a lot of time on coordination, collecting materials, but we knew we were moving in the right direction. Two months after the launch, 12 of our pages were Top 3 in Yandex and Google which cost us 250 rubles per click in Direct! Pleasant surprise! We are already working with 7 cities throughout Russia and continue to grow! Thank you, it was a profitable investment!»

Rafail Gayazovich, Head of Appraisal and Expert Evaluation, 1оценка.рф

«I made my first attempts at advertising in lpgenerator, tried to set up Yandex Direct on my own, but having spent about 8 thousand rubles for nothing, I realized that the legal services sector is very competitive and I need to look for true experts. I chose Jam because they had projects similar to mine in their portfolio, which meant they had experience in this area. Within a month, these guys made 3 landing pages, a logo and set up an advertising campaign in Direct, so to say a full package for entering the market. I am satisfied with my choice, they advise me on all issues without any problems, I plan to continue working with them.»

Vladimir Panfilov, Deputy Director, Garant LLC

«Together with Jam agency, we launched 2 advertising campaigns (context) for display advertising projects. I am pleased with the work quality level and speed. I highlight that Jam experts put real effort into identifying our target audience and tested various groups of keywords. At the moment, advertising campaigns are up and running and we get a steady stream of leads at only 200 rubles per lead! I thank you and wish you success in your work!»

Evgeny Moryakin, Manager, CPC Solution

«At the time of writing, I no longer deal with doors, but I have good recollections of our cooperation with Jam. The price was attractive, although the deadline was unexpectedly getting pushed back, but I think that was for valid reasons, because cheap, fast and good comes only from the crafty one. Most importantly, they did everything as if for themselves. In the end, they made a landing page and launched contextual advertising, tested various hypotheses for a couple of months, which brought the advertising campaign to decent results. We could see that after a couple of months, competitors began to copy our tricks with promotions and ads. I wish success to the team!»

Marat Basharov, Director, GrandDoors

«I turned to Jam on the advice of a friend who ordered contextual advertising set up from them several times. They did it in a couple of weeks, I check the web-visitor from time to time - the traffic is targeted! Ads look better than those of competitors, I wish I could attach photos here from the search to illustrate. Bear in mind, the competition in legal services is very tough, especially self-regulating organizations, new players appear and disappear every day. But we are stable! I liked that the experts speak in an understandable language and reduce everything to the main goal - the sales. Once a month they send a report in which they give constructive advice on improving the site, but unfortunately we are not always able to implement it. Among advertising campaigns, I often see various tests - which means they are doing something to find improvements. They also asked me to say what I think about analytics - it is there, they showed me the website, it looks like a metric, that shows the cost per customer, order and other figures, I don’t remember now. I realized that in my case it is not so important to closely monitor the analytics, because the advertising budgets are not so big, I know myself when I have clients and when I do not. Thanks to Jam team for the results!»

Isakin Konstantin I., Executive Director, Roskonsalt24.rf

«Before looking for a contractor, I learned about contextual advertising a bit myself so that I could speak a common language with the experts, so it was not clear to me why the cost of setup depends so much on the number of keywords. Everyone just said “the more the better.” In Jam I was talking to Alexander, who apparently is well versed in the context advertising. He quickly assessed my market sector, gave a cost range and what exactly the cost includes. The impression was marred by the fact that it took almost two months to do the landing page, but they explained the situation and made some concessions. When everything began to work, most of my ads were in 3rd position, which is considered to be the best and that was good news. Traffic, as promised, was clean. Then I measured the landing page conversion rate, it was more than 30%, the goal is set on “Find out the Price” button click. Thanks! This is already our second project with Jam agency!»

Ruslan Rimovich, Director, zhbi-ufa.rf

«When I realized we needed to go online, I looked through online stores for doors all over Russia to study the offers, and the two best ones were actually from Jam Internet agency! It took about a month to develop the landing page and launch contextual advertising. I cannot say this subject really took off, but the money pays off. Together with Jam analysts, we realized that the landing page did not have enough information to make the decision to buy. At the time of writing, we are making an online store. Considering all our experience, I think this will be the bomb. Thanks, I like the team's approach, I recommend!»

Sergey Penkin, оArtedore official dealer

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