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Why can you trust us?
  • We work only with online stores, audit the project at the start and predict the results of the collaboration in the client's profit.
  • We implement advanced analytics at the user level, know how to work with LTV, the cost of customer retention and attraction.
  • For each project we select a team with relevant industry experience. - More expensive, but more effective than conveyor agencies.
  • We tell in detail about our projects, all results are confirmed by documents.
  • We are featured in Cossa, VC, Searchengines, Netology, Shopolog, and other industry publications.
Our clients

Run Google Ads and other platforms for >100 online stories since 2016 year.

Кейс контекстной рекламы интернет-магазинов

Client testimonials from all projects are posted on the separated page.

Интернет-магазин Palmetta Интернет-магазин Интернет-магазин
Mono-brand online lingerie store

Hypermarket of children's goods
Online store of glass products Кейс по контекстной рекламе интернет-магазина
795 orders 
per month

Federal online sports equipment store
Branded demand has quadrupled
Online plumbing store
$50 000 revenue
per month

Medical equipment store
Интернет-магазин Сити-тюнниг
200 orders per month
Federal online store auto parts city‑

Federal bouquet delivery service
Regional retailer of electronics and home appliances
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How do we manage Google Ads?

We practice a comprehensive approach and undertake long-term projects that are ready for growth.

Forecasts — Сase of the path from minus $2000
to $1500 of profit for 3 months.

During the audit phase, we predicted the change in gross margins as a result of connecting automatic advertising campaigns Google Ads and reallocating the budget to more effective traffic segments.

Плашка для статьи.jpg
I am very skeptical about free audits, so only with time did I agree to provide access, but in the case of the agency Jam there was rather a pleasant surprise, because my colleagues thoroughly studied the accounts, made cost and profit forecasts for 3 months, and argued the numbers with facts. A few months later we roughly hit the predicted values.

Nikolai Krylov, marketer,

Web-analytics report

We collect all data in Google Analytics, build online reports in Power BI.

The scheme of contextual advertising analytics in Google Analytics

All data is collected in Google Analytics, integrated with the CRM-system.

Online reporting icon

Power BI report example for services project.

Power Bi report

We make complex reports for ourselves and simple reports for you to "keep an eye on the pulse".

Advertising campaigns
— Case study: from $8 000 to $40 000 for year.

We launched all types of advertising campaigns for the online store from scratch: Google Smart Shopping, dynamic retargeting, contextual advertising network, search, and more.

Плашка для статьи.jpg
I came to the agency with the problem of high cost per lead and incorrect analytics, in which we could not correlate the effectiveness of advertising channels with their costs...

Sergey Shumaev, director,
Full test of review 2018 year.

Optimization — Case stady: 1.5 times more
conversions on automatic strategies.
Пример аудита

You can read more
about the case on

Internet store was one of the first where we started to actively implement auto-strategies for bid management. Now they are used in all the projects of the agency and on average increase the profit by 20%. — Now we are ready to apply this experience to your project.

The colleagues from Jam agency summarized profitability data and suggested adjusting the coverage by product categories, demographics and display platforms, which more than halved the cost per order from 4000 rubles down to an acceptable level...

Olga Lykova, marketing specialist,
Full text of the review.

Cost and conditions

Below is an average dependence of agency compensation on the volume of the advertising budget based on data from current projects. Compensation varies ±30% depending on the complexity of the project, the final cost is determined only after the project is audited.

Accounts with advertising campaigns and other developments in the process of cooperation are transferred to the ownership of the client.

We use a payment model tied to sales

In the first iterations we charge for the time spent, but after reaching a stable performance, if the client wishes, we switch to a payment model dependent on sales.

Advertising budget Agency сompensation Compensation / budget
$2000 $600 30%
$4000 1000 25%
$8000 $1600 20%
$16000 $2000 12.5%
$20000 $2400 12%
$40000 $3200 8%
$80000 $4800 6%
What work is included in this cost?

The list is not universal, specific actions can be determined only by the results of the audit.

Classification of work
  • Product and brand research (market position, dynamics in relation to the market / niche / competitors).
  • Study of paid output (approximate analysis of competitors' coverage, analysis of ads).
  • Recommendations for landing pages, increase conversions.
  • Team Summaries in Zoom and reporting.
  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Development of online reports in Power BI or DataStudio
  • A study of attribution models
  • Integration with CRM system to track pending and repeat sales
  • Streaming data into BigQuery for aggregation with other business data
  • Development of cohort reports with LTV, Retention, etc.
  • Tracking offline
Advertising campaigns
  • Search and network campaigns in Google
  • Feed-based advertising campaigns
  • Google Shopping
  • Dynamic retargeting on Google and Facebook
  • Criteo
  • RFM segmentation of loyalty base for retargeting
  • Video ads on Youtube

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a project with a budget of $3000 and $150k, and how does agency compensation change?

It is difficult to answer the question of cost without immersion in the project and understanding its specifics. Difficult for the same reasons that it is impossible to answer the question "How much will it cost to develop an online store? Nevertheless, there is a pattern in the cost of agency services from the amount of the advertising budget, which was given above.

There are two main reasons why the cost of services increases as the budget increases.

Level of detail. As the budget grows, the number of hours to support the project does not grow in proportion to the budget, but grows from the need for more detailed management of the traffic segments. Let's make an analogy with the same online store, for example, if you plan to scale it up to all regions or even the whole world, it's not enough to make it only in English, it also needs to be translated into local languages, connect local payment systems and logistics companies, compare prices with local players and so on. - In this way you will make a more relevant offer for each region than you will win over the less flexible competitors. In the case of advertising campaigns, a similar process takes place, where you should work on each region, product category, advertising channel and other parameters when the budget for them increases.

Managed advertising campaign architecture and analytics models. A strategic and systematic approach to campaign management is critical, otherwise technical debt will grow, which will slowly but inevitably lead to losses. Developing a managed architecture of advertising campaigns for tens of thousands of SKUs requires a great deal of experience, which only a few professionals in our agency have, whose time is much more expensive. Using the example of developing an online store, you have most likely changed contractors more than once and know that assembling a store on a crate is not that difficult, and it will even work. But making a store that can be scaled and maintained is a different kind of task.

What is the KPI payment model?

This is possible with correct end-to-end analytics and enough data to predict the results. We already work with many clients according to this model. Instead of a large variety of metrics, clients track changes in revenue and gross profit, and leave tactical decisions and technical control to us.

An example formula for calculating compensation: (Revenue - Advertising Costs) × k-margin × k-agency compensation

Модель оплаты контекстной рекламы интернет-магазина

An example of a simple payment model for the online store in Excel format.

Case Studies
Online Hypermarket

Online Hypermarket

How the architecture of advertising campaigns affects the revenue of an online store: a case of tripling revenue by 60,000 SKU in 3 months

Usually advertising agencies produce wow-cases in contextual advertising by playing on contrast, by correcting simple mistakes to get an impressive result in a couple of months and claim their superiority over the preceding provider. But in this project, advertising had been well tuned even before we took on the project. In this article we share how we managed, despite the odds, to find points of severalfold growth.

Online store for baby strollers
Online store for baby strollers

Online store for baby strollers

What was interesting about the project


«No contextual advertising guru will save your business if you work in a falling market. We took up such a project: all macro indicators pointed to the fact that the conversion rate decreased twofold and the market sank by 70%. Let us tell you how we tracked the market decline, what growth points were found, and what came of it in this new case.»

Kirill Kotelenets, Team Lead,
Online auto parts store
Online auto parts store

Online auto parts store

What was interesting about the project:

  • Made a matrix of coverage by categories of goods and car brands.
  • We picked up the correct attribution model.

Sales Funnel

$ 2300

Advertising budget for a month





Customer opinion


«I came to agency with the problem of high cost per lead and incorrect analytics, which we could not use to compare effectiveness of advertising channels with their expenses. The agency's experts developed a custom model to match conversion to channels, implemented electronic commerce, found problems in Google Analytics measurements and fixed them. What was exciting is that we got a matrix of our current and potential market reach with breakdown by car brand and spare part category, from which we drew a conclusion that we need to expand. Now we are systematically expanding the market reach and reducing the cost per lead. Contextual advertising brings a revenue of 400-600 thousand rubles per month»

Sergey Shumaev, Director,
Confirmation document

Online-shop of garden equipment
Online store of garden tools

Online-shop of garden equipment

What was interesting about the project

  • Investigated the seasonality of each category of goods and launched them sequentially.
  • Developed a KPI project taking into account the outflow of customers to offline stores.



Advertising budget for a month




Leads online


Offline revenue growth

Client's opinion


«We started working with the agency in April 2018, the project team suggested we launch the categories of goods in sequence over the season in step with demand growth during the summer. One of our problems is that we have several offline stores for which we could not measure return on advertising investments. To solve this problem, we implemented call tracking, set up goals on the site and manually tracked the revenue trends by categories to collect the overall data and calculate the acceptable cost per lead by category. In general, I consider the task accomplished, we continue to work, I can recommend the team.»

Vladimir Frolov, Head of Marketing,
Confirmation document
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