How to Sell Seasonal Goods? Technodacha Experience

Kirill Kotelenets

Hello, we have won the client's tender to manage contextual advertising for an online store of gardening equipment and household goods. Having a cottage means dealing with snow in winter, planting in spring and gardening in summer: the demand changes as quickly as the seasons.

The challenge of this rapid demand fluctuation is to keep up with tracking product category profitability and adapting accordingly, at least not to launch lawn mowers in winter! :)

Kirill Kotelenets, teamlead of PPC

I think we won the tender because we offered a market volume forecast by the main product categories and market elasticity as a function of cost of coverage. The client liked that.

Leads number and cost.png

What Does the Product Category Launch Cycle Consist of?

Forecasting Seasonal Demand

We forecast the seasonality of product categories based on historical data.

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Planning the Launch of Product Categories

Based on the seasonality, we time the product launches by category.

seasonal launch.jpg
Price Comparison

Price is one of the main factors that affects conversion of a web-site into sales. We parsed prices from competitors' sites and compared ours with the median to make sure that we are in the market.

Сравнение цен
Cost per Lead Approval

We transfer the main indicators to Google Sheets to be able to comment on the same files and observe the trends together with the client.

Leads by Category by Month

The client did not really want to disclose sales data, but to exemplify we can show the number of leads per month for one of the categories.

sales by category.jpg

Алексей Фирстов

It's hard to say whether it got better or worse, since there were no advertising campaigns before us.

Alexey Firstov, PPC-manager
Automated Advertising Campaigns

In our experience, automated campaigns bring up to half of the revenue with small investments, so we launch them first.

  • Dynamic retargeting is a feature in Google which shows ads for products the user visited earlier.
  • Campaigns generated by unique product identifiers (UPI) using a pattern like "buy + brand + item code"
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) in Google Ads decide to whom to show the ads needing only the product feed as input. They don't work well in Yandex.
  • Google Shopping
  • Smart Shopping is a campaign in Google Ads combining dynamic retargeting, DSA and Google Shopping. This is a fully automated campaign that is not controlled in any way and works based on product feed. They only work using "maximize profit" or "maximize ROI" strategies. A must-have in eCommerce.

Project Analytics

The main issue with end-to-end analytics was a large outflow of site visitors to offline stores, that is, users found the products on the site and went to one of the offline stores to see the products and get a feel for the tools in person.

There are solutions for tracking the customer online-to-offline flow via loyalty cards, but these are quite expensive and time consuming to implement. So for a start, we decided to use a shortcut, especially considering that the client was not so interested in the complicated solution. We simply tracked the clicks on the store contacts page, since before visiting the store, the user clearly needs to check its address.

Sergey Kurepin, WEB-analyst
The final KPI comprised the number of Completed Forms on the website + Calls + Clicks on the contact page / 2

Next, we manually compared sales and our synthetic KPI with breakdown by product categories to understand how online store affects revenue in offline stores. Admittedly, the correlation was not convincing but it was there.

Online Dashboards

In order not to delay the launch of campaigns and avoid the client asking "How many clicks did we have today?", at the start I took an hour to make a simple report in DataStudio

Sata Studio report.jpg

Further, I developed the report by adding new sections, for example, a a breakdown by product categories with their respective trends.

Client's Feedback on our Cooperation

Kirill Kotelenets

After several years of cooperation, the client moved marketing in-house: we prepared documentation and guides for managing advertising campaigns.

Kirill Kotelenets, teamlead of PPC


«We started working with the agency in April 2018, the project team suggested we launch the categories of goods in sequence over the season in step with demand growth during the summer. One of our problems is that we have several offline stores for which we could not measure return on advertising investments. To solve this problem, we implemented call tracking, set up goals on the site and manually tracked the revenue trends by categories to collect the overall data and calculate the acceptable cost per lead by category. In general, I consider the task accomplished, we continue to work, I can recommend the team.»

Vladimir Frolov, Head of Marketing,

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Case Studies
Online Hypermarket

Online Hypermarket

How the architecture of advertising campaigns affects the revenue of an online store: a case of tripling revenue by 60,000 SKU in 3 months

Usually advertising agencies produce wow-cases in contextual advertising by playing on contrast, by correcting simple mistakes to get an impressive result in a couple of months and claim their superiority over the preceding provider. But in this project, advertising had been well tuned even before we took on the project. In this article we share how we managed, despite the odds, to find points of severalfold growth.

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What was interesting about the project


«No contextual advertising guru will save your business if you work in a falling market. We took up such a project: all macro indicators pointed to the fact that the conversion rate decreased twofold and the market sank by 70%. Let us tell you how we tracked the market decline, what growth points were found, and what came of it in this new case.»

Kirill Kotelenets, Team Lead,
Online auto parts store
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What was interesting about the project:

  • Made a matrix of coverage by categories of goods and car brands.
  • We picked up the correct attribution model.

Sales Funnel

$ 2300

Advertising budget for a month





Customer opinion


«I came to agency with the problem of high cost per lead and incorrect analytics, which we could not use to compare effectiveness of advertising channels with their expenses. The agency's experts developed a custom model to match conversion to channels, implemented electronic commerce, found problems in Google Analytics measurements and fixed them. What was exciting is that we got a matrix of our current and potential market reach with breakdown by car brand and spare part category, from which we drew a conclusion that we need to expand. Now we are systematically expanding the market reach and reducing the cost per lead. Contextual advertising brings a revenue of 400-600 thousand rubles per month»

Sergey Shumaev, Director,
Confirmation document

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