How to configure ad generation from XML

In addition to the main results of the advertising campaign, we will highlight the process of generating ads from XML

What is it?

Each online store has a feed of goods called XML, for each product it looks as follows:


It allows:

  • Upload all products to Google Ads and automatically generate ads2016-10-07_15-22-13.png
  • Daily update prices and availability
  • Update your assortment every day
  • Manage rates depending on marginality

But not everybody uses it, because it's difficult to adapt XML itself to Google Ads' search campaigns in its purest form, for example, in this case nobody uses article queries like «wiha 45729», which proves the low cost of a click.

Please note that the cost of clicks is very low!


Therefore, we used the service K50 Generator, which allowed us to create beautiful ads by means of complex morphological transformations, as on the screen above.

Other possibilities of this approach

  • To optimize the profit for each ad, we can upload a CSV file with margin for each product or category
  • Generate advertising campaigns not only for products, but also for categories
  • Create advertising campaigns from CSV

Thanks to XML, we have cheap sales and the ability to always maintain consistency between assortment and ads

Project results

Other announcements, which were created manually, look like


Statistics from Google Ads and sales funnel, some of the values are hidden in order to hide the customer's business model.



Advertising budget






Transaction conversion




« After the launch of the online store decided to immediately set up search advertising to get the first orders. This is already the second project with Jam agency, the quality is consistently high. I want to note the beautiful headers of ads that were made of YML, they usually look much worse. The second point is the use of Google Tag Manager, where we hid all the extra code from the site. Jam Agency specialists can recommend it!»

Igor Motorin, CEO,

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Our work
Stretch ceilings in Moscow and the region
2018 год

Stretch ceilings in Moscow and the regionHighly competitive market

In Moscow, there are 1000 companies competing in stretch ceilings: from independent contractors to federal-level companies. However, there are only 10 spots in contextual advertising, and they buy 80% of all traffic. The rest collect crumbs. What distinguishes successful companies? There is no accident or "a secret of the young business." We will share our vision on the example of a real case.

Before and after cooperation

Lead cost
Lead Conversion

Online auto parts store
2018 year

Online auto parts store

What was interesting about the project:

  • Made a matrix of covering categories of goods and brands of car manufacturers.
  • We picked up the correct attribution model.


$ 2300

Advertising budget for a month





Customer opinion


«I came to agency with the problem of high cost per lead and incorrect analytics, which we could not use to compare effectiveness of advertising channels with their expenses. The agency's experts developed a custom model to match conversion to channels, implemented electronic commerce, found problems in Google Analytics measurements and fixed them. What was exciting is that we got a matrix of our current and potential market reach with breakdown by car brand and spare part category, from which we drew a conclusion that we need to expand. Now we are systematically expanding the market reach and reducing the cost per lead. Contextual advertising brings a revenue of 400-600 thousand rubles per month»

Sergey Shumaev, Director,
Confirmation document

On-location real life quest games for children
2018 year

On-location real life quest games for children

In this case, we would like to talk about our approach in a small project for on location real life quest games for children.

What is unusual here?
  • A new product and market, there is no established demand, so it is necessary to search and test demand segments.
  • Beautiful reporting in Power BI

Sales funnel

$ 1840






$ 22,6

Cost per Lead



Customer opinion


«Hello everyone! I wanted to thank the team. These are the guys who set up advertising for us without any unnecessary questions from the professional point of view! I spent a lot of time choosing a marketing consultant, conducted a survey of 20 companies and chose 1jam, and this has been the best decision as of late! The guys did a quality job setting up context advertising, increased our quest game visits by about 30%. Advertising pays off, profit grows, analytics is set up, reports are on time, feedback is continuous. I highly recommend them to everyone!»

Dmitry Kusov, Director of
Confirmation document
Online-shop of garden equipment
2018 year

Online-shop of garden equipment

What was interesting about the project

  • Investigated the seasonality of each category of goods and launched them sequentially.
  • Developed a KPI project taking into account the outflow of customers to offline stores.



Advertising budget for a month




Leads online


Offline revenue growth

Client's opinion


«We started working with the agency in April 2018, the project team suggested we launch the categories of goods in sequence over the season in step with demand growth during the summer. One of our problems is that we have several offline stores for which we could not measure return on advertising investments. To solve this problem, we implemented call tracking, set up goals on the site and manually tracked the revenue trends by categories to collect the overall data and calculate the acceptable cost per lead by category. In general, I consider the task accomplished, we continue to work, I can recommend the team.»

Vladimir Frolov, Head of Marketing,
Confirmation document
Apple Parts Store Online
2015 year

Apple Parts Store Online

Given: online shop of spare parts for iPhones and Macbooks, in which 1500 pages.
$ 4300

Advertising budget for X period of X campaigns



25 935

Clicks from the search





$ 9815


Customer opinion

Директор компании

«We have been working with Jam for a year now, particularly with Pavel, and I can recommend this specialist, who has a really high level of expertise. Pavel helps not only with setting up contextual advertising, but also with all the processes that affect it, together, we have implemented non-standard solutions with a directory, YML and retargeting. I would also like to note that we are constantly improving our advertising campaign and rely on real figures, such as ROI and LTV, and now we are expanding to the entire Russian market. The results are positive, thank you!»

Igor Motorin, director of company,
Confirmation document

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