Google Ads specialists

eCommerce specialist

Aleksey Filatov

I am engaged in eCommerce projects, I can collect the semantic core of more than 100 000 keywords.

Aleksey Filatov , Senior PPC

I manage the project strategy, eliminate misunderstandings, solve complex tasks.

Kirill Kommisarov

I manage the project strategy, synchronize the project vision with the participants and the client. Compensate for weaknesses, help specialists to grow.

Kirill Kommisarov , Teamlead

Google Analytics, Big Query raw data collection, SQL analysis, Python, ML

Evgeny Egoshin

I work with projects where Google Analytics is a data collection center, I set up streaming in Google Big Query in parallel to work with raw data, especially for SasS-services and online stores. I can count LTV for several years, the outflow/inflow of customers by city and so on.

Evgeny Egoshin , Web-analytics

Complex services or goods with large budgets

Aleksey Firstov

I specialise in projects with complex goods or services, deeply study the optimisation of advertising campaigns, and teach employees in the agency.

Aleksey Firstov , Senior PPC, partner

I'm developing an agency.

Pavel Koryakin

Looking for talented professionals in the team, advising on project strategies, conducting research on the implementation of new technologies in production.

Pavel Koryakin , Partner

Sales manager

Aleksandr Skripkin

I advise clients, immerse myself in their business and problems, honestly speaking, if we can't help. I try to look only for long-term projects.

Aleksandr Skripkin , Sales manager

Reports in Power BI and Data Studio

Stepan Mishin

First I collect data in Google Analytics or ROIStat, integrate it with CRM-systems, then I take it to beautiful Power BI reports. A good report is the one that initiates the action.

Stepan Mishin , Web-analytic

I work with narrow niches with hypercompetitive markets.

Nikolay Rogozin

He worked in different agencies for a long time, until he underwent an internship in Jam Agency - it is the opposite approach, where the main value - people, their knowledge and results, but not budgets and pseudo-objective. There is an opportunity to grow, to share the experience with the best. I specialize in projects of the middle level from 100 to 500 t.r., I learn from two Alexeys :)

Nikolay Rogozin , Middle PPC

I'm running projects, making sure everything's in order and on time.

Tatyana Bikeeva

I used to work in industrial enterprises with a large number of people, tired of being a gear in large machines. Here I can influence something, study.

Tatyana Bikeeva , Teamlead

I work with financial projects

Viktor Kuzmenko

For several years already I have been working in the areas of insurance and crediting, the main projects under NDA, so it is difficult to tell about the results :) For example, I implemented bid management depending on the presence or absence of direct competitors in advertising, which allowed me to spend my budget more optimally. I understand the basic principles of the market, I can speak with clients in one language.

Viktor Kuzmenko , Middle PPC

I work with foreign projects in Google Ads

Angelina Rozhdestvenskaya

I work with projects in the English-speaking segment because they have different specifics: Google tools work differently in terms of coverage, English syntax, higher competition and clients themselves. I speak English fluently and have a technical background.

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